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Fakir ... on accuracy

Nobody sees reality whole; we all need others to show us the parts of it that they see better than we do. Nobody sees reality with total accuracy; we all need others to correct our own vision.

- Lewis B Smedes

Fakir News likes to look at stories and dig a little deeper. There is a lot of fake or 'manipulated' news out there, and it is spouted by the mainstream media.

So what can we believe? Sometimes a spoof story can be proven to be more accurate than an early account of any given event. Or looking at it another way, how often have we said something in jest - only for it to be proven true at some stage in the future?

Fakir news makes no illusions about the stories it carries. We clearly indicate that we make different interpretations to what we are told by those who should be giving us factual accounts. So, our versions of stories may sometimes be more truthful than the original material.

So, while our intention is to amuse, we also encourage the reader (by virtue of our our spin) to 'think outside of the box'. Happy and informative reading everyone!

Fakir ... on predictions

Occurrences in this domain are beyond the reach of exact prediction because of the variety of factors in operation, not because of any lack of order in nature.

- Albert Einstein

Not so much the theory of relativity as the theory of 'predictivity'. Sometimes we can read a story and want to know what is likely to happen next.

So how many times have the mainstream media made some bold or outlandish claim so they can sell more newspapers or attract more TV viewers? There's nothing like some fleshed-out story to get your attention - is there? Throw in a few predictions to keep you coming back to the same story and 'Bob's your uncle'.

Any predictions we make will just be as credible as some of those made in some of the low-brow publications and TV channels around the world.

If you really want to follow-up a big story, then why not get radically different perspectives on what may happen next?

Perhaps Fakir News would be a good place to start?

Fakir ... on the right to know

I know that I have the right freely to speak and publish my sentiments, subject only to the laws of the land for the abuse of that right.

- Elijah Parish Lovejoy

Everyone has the moral right to know the truth. But morality and politics are two elements of our lives that do not mix well.

We can always rest assured that if a story is politically non-controversial, we get an attempt at telling us the undiluted truth. This is how the mainstream media, and especially some high-profile outlets, can keep reassuring us that their news stories are relatively beyond reproach. Just because we are told something by some proclaimed 'quality' news outlet that we can accept their version of a story without further examination, does not mean we should accept it without question. But when you are convinced of what they tell you, then you are, by definition, a willing and obedient slave to the establishment. They will keep feeding you with politically-sanitised news all day long, and thereby prevent you from knowing the real reason(s) they are trying to conceal the truth.

At Fakir News we bow to nobody. We shall call it as we see it. If we are wrong (pause for a good laugh) - then we are wrong. We openly and honestly publish our views to entertain and 'alternatively' inform. We do not have any political motive for what we do or say.

So please rest assured we shall just give our views as sincerely as possible - but to be taken (just like the mainstream media) with a very large pinch of salt!